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Hi there! If you were wondering who was hiding behind the face of Ok Bye, bin it's moé! Jessica for my first name, Jess for close friends and Golden Zouzoune for my father (a nickname I should perhaps not brag about). First of all, I want to mention one thing: every time I write ''we'' or ''our'' on the site to talk about my company, I feel like a bit of an impostor given that I am the only one behind the company (although I am lucky to be surrounded by extraordinary people to support me, including my wonderful friend Marilou Pilote , fantastic photographer who took my photos). But don't worry, I wouldn't go so far as to tag CEO in my Instagram bio! Apart from that, my sales speech to describe me would go like this: good laugher at heart, girl who likes it simple and who always gets involved in 1001 projects (the reason behind that will come later). Also a podcaster in my spare time (albeit a full-time pomal these days), I also have a cross section of passions in life including: talking about myself, listening to others, self-growth (read here that I mention ''the Universe'' to every two words) and make people laugh. So it's also a bit of all of this that Ok Bye was born, that is, to put it simply, from all my learning to let go which in the end was not made for me (ok byeeee toxic boys , did you catch you?). In short, my corporate mission would go like this: to make you laugh/smile at least every time you use the bonus products, to subtly indicate to you to practice the art of self-love and to choose yourself through the stages of life. With that, see you!

- Jesse xx