Points of sale

Do you want to buy the candles for real? Here are the places where they are available:

Kitsch shop

142 rue Wellington N, Sherbrooke, QC J1H 5C5

(819) 542-5555

Boutique Elena Art of Living

87 Ave. Principale, Rouyn-Naranda, QC, J9X 4P1

(819) 762-3811

The Cousins ​​Shop

226-B Boulevard JD Gauthier Local left, Shippagan, NB E8S 1P6


Riversea Shop

1487 Ch Ste-Foy Suite 103, Quebec, QC G1S 4A2

Do you want to become a point of sale? Write to shopokbye@gmail.com, we will be happy to send the information!