Comment quitter une mauvaise date? excuse à dire

The top 10 excuses for killing off a date

Whether it's because your red flags crewneck warned you that the person in front of you is probably *toxic* af or just because the date is deadly boring, it's not always easy to know how to leave a meet in a...appropriate way? If this kind of situation happens to you (unfortunately) too often, here are FINALLY 10 extraordinary excuses to leave a bad date smoothly (or not)!

#1 - The classic

“I go to the bathroom, I come back. »

#2 - The good news

"My ex just texted me, we're finally getting back together. »

#3 - The matchmaker

“Hey, I'm thinking about that and I have the perfect person to introduce you to, you would be a perfect match. »

#4 - The esoteric

"Our astrological signs are unfortunately not compatible, sorry."

#5 - The Honest

You look so cool, but I don't see a future lover between us. »

#6 - The practical-practical

"Shit, I have to go home, I think I left a candle burning ." »

#7 - The lost roommate

“My roommate just texted me that she forgot her keys, I have to go get her out. »

#8 - The early bird

“I have to go to bed, I work at 4 am tomorrow. »

#9 - Digestive

“I'm not able to go shit anywhere but at home. Worse I really have to go shit. »

#10 - The small appetite

“I think the soup was enough for me, I'm not super hungry. The check please ! »

Obviously, my favorite is #5. Although less funny, it remains, in my opinion, much more respectful (but up to you if you use #9).