8 essentiels pour un one night réussi

8 essentials for a successful one night

one night dating

Well, we won't lie to each other, more often than not, the one nights are not very glorious, a little cocktail and more often than not when leaving the bars after 3am. Maiiis if luck is on your side and you have the opportunity to organize yourself a minimum to limit your regrets the next day, here is a list of essentials to put in your bag before leaving for the night! (And we agree, it is also applicable for the more-than-one-night)

1 - Condoms

Of course. No one wants to have to pay child support or deal with an STBBI.

2 - A hair elastic

Mermaid hair is so cool until you go crazy and look like a rat the next day. A rubber band can save you a lot of trouble and is quite handy if you're going ✨down there

3 - Small cleaning wipes

Although it is not a recommended daily use, it can always help out. Because yes, when you make yourself a washbasin or a new washbasin, it's not very subtle that you smell the same as Bath & Body Work hand soap the moment you leave the toilet blazing naked.

4 - Deodorant

Smelling the emptying osti the next day is not pleasant for anyone's nose.

5 - Mouthwash and/or gum

Same reason as number 4. The sexual breath of the morning, it's not a perfume that I would reproduce in a candle , let's say.

6 - Headphones

Because the walk of shame doesn't have to be done in silence. Also, it's the perfect opportunity to catch up on the latest episodes of your favorite podcast .

7 - Your cell phone charger

Because sneaking up on the body is always better when you avoid waking up the other person to ask him to call you a taxi because your cell phone has run out of battery.


8 - A 2nd pair of boxers/bobettes

You will already be able to feel fresher fart the next day.

Worse, it doesn't come in a bag, but communication is always essential for a pleasant and successful sexual activity. Ah! And the consent too (as a priority please)